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Now Hear This: ivoryHAUS - ivoryHAUS

Rating: ***

Noa Spott is a producer from Philadelphia better known as ivoryHAUS. He's got a new record out and it promises to be a mix of downtempo ambient music to get your chill on to.

Spott also loves elephants (who doesn't?) so 25% of the album's profits will go directly to "Save the Elephants". That's pretty cool.

I don't usually love ambient music, but if it's good and the mood is right, I can get into it.

I'm excited to check it out, so I'm fixing to do that right now.

Listen to "Clouds" on Soundcloud here:

The first track is called "Orange Sky" and it's dope. I really love how the synthesizer allows it to sound light in vibe even though the beats are hard. "Sweet Dreams" is next and it's also dope. A little more hypnotic in tone, with a softer beat, but still a good mix of the light and the dark. Duality, ya know? "Good Morning" takes on a serious vibe. It sounds sad and kind of hopeless. I don't know if it was supposed to make me feel like that but it did. "Forests" is jazzier than the rest and it's a cool change-of-pace. Really cool track. "Clouds" is on the easy listening side and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. This album has actually been pretty diverse for ambient music. I'm into it. Next up is "Sadr Region". It's slower and darker. I really like it. It's chilling. "Searching for Saturn" is the penultimate track and it's a dandy. More of a trip-hop feel to it. Intense and funky, it may be my favorite track on the entire album. We end with "Alleviate" and it's a fitting and triumphant finale. Shades of pop hear and there while still keeping it electronic af.

I actually really liked this record. Poppy enough to not be tedious and adventurous enough to keep you wondering what's next. I highly recommend this to my EDM loving readers and think that even non-fans of the genre will find more than enough here to like.

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