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Now Hear This: Synethesia feat. Talib Kweli (single) - Chuckie Campbell

Rating: ****1/2

Chuckie Campbell is a poet. He's also a rapper. He's also an activist.

What I'm trying to say is that Campbell has a lot of hats that he wears. He's a busy dude. He's been releasing singles and will continue to do so over the summer. I'm stoked that I get to review "Synethesia feat. Talib Kweli" not only because I love Kweli, but because I'm really interested to see what kind of socio-political rhymes Campbell has in store for us.

So here we go.

Watch the lyrical video for "Synethesia feat. Talib Kweli (single) on Youtube here:

The beat is dope and it immediately grabs you. It's somber and deep but it still slaps. Campbell makes a serious political and social statement without pretense and heavy-handedness. That's hard to pull off. Talib Kweli's track is predictably solid. It sounds like the Flobots in their prime. The song itself isn't gonna be a hit single but that's isn't to diminish it's brilliance. It's very very good.

This track will stay with you, probably because you're gonna go back and listen to it a bunch of times. I listened to it three times in a half hour. I really enjoy Campbell's cadence and the Kweli verse is icing on the cake. Very highly recommended.

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