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Now Hear This: All At Once (single) - Heartracer

Rating: ****

Heartracer is a band out of Richmond, VA that has a fair amount of music in their catalog. That said, the single I'm about to review, "All At Once" is the first time they've ever used a producer. That's right, for this one the band flew to Hollywood and enlisted the help of Andrew Lappin (Passion Pit, M83, St. Lucia) and Chris Gehringer (Twenty One Pilots, The Chainsmokers, Lady Gaga, Rihanna) who mastered the project.

I'm a sucked for synth-pop, and from what I've heard about these guys that's what they bring in droves.

So let's kick back, open a beer or maybe some cognac, and enjoy "All At Once" by Heartracer.

Listen to "All At Once" on Soundcloud here:

Well, there's the synth right off the bat. This sounds very authentically 80's. Some bands try to do the 80's thing and it just sounds corny, almost like they're parodying the period. Not this. This sounds real. Vocally it's indie-pop goodness. I hear a Killers influence for sure. Maybe even a little Shins in there as well. Lyrically it's simple stuff, but it fits the vibe of the tune. Overall, I really like it and look forward to what comes next.

If this single plays well as a sample bite of what's to come for Heartracer, it's a really good start. If you're into 80's pop with a modern twist, this is gonna be right in your wheelhouse. Highly recommended.

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