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Now Hear This: From the Womb - Jasmine Karimova

Rating: ****1/2

Jasmine Karimova is a singer-songwriting, multi-instrumentalist that lives in Amsterdam and speaks 4 languages. She has accomplished more in that sentence than I have in 41 years of life on planet Earth.

Often compared to Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple, Karimova also writes each song and plays the piano and guitar on each track as well.

So far it just seems like I'm bragging about all the skills she has but I honestly haven't even listened to the album yet. So these could all be lies...

Let's listen to "From the Womb" and draw our own conclusions.

Watch the music video for "Mother" on Youtube here:

"Daddy" is bratty fun. She has a little Gwen Stefani in her. Lyrically I really dig it. It's clever. "Mother" takes a more serious tone. This sound works equally as well here showing her versatility quite well. "Eggshells" is another strong song. All of them thus far have created a unique sound that all fits together quite well while still standing on their own volition. "Little Love" and "Blue" play like beautiful little melancholy bookends with the latter having such a sweet piano melody, you almost forget how painfully sad the lyrics are. "Leaving Amsterdam" is track six and it plays like a playful travel narrative. Another strong track on an album where there haven't been any weak ones. "Swallow or Spit" is a more upbeat number and is the first one that I think has some radio potential. "6 Feet Under" is dark and moody. It reminds me a little of PJ Harvey. The best track on the album in my opinion. "Little Sister" is such a sweet tribute to a baby sister. It would be corny if it wasn't so fucking lovely. "Glazami I Dushoi" means Eyes and Soul in Russian. It's sung in the native tongue and it's an amazing way to end the album. Really really good stuff.

This album is nearly perfect. Jasmine Karimova weaves quite a lovely web here, as she goes from light to dark, cleaver to dry, and sarcastic to sweet seamlessly throughout. Really highly recommended.

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