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Now Hear This: Mirror Of Creation III : Project Ikaros - Tomorrow's Eve

Rating: ****

I love me some progressive metal. Add the fact that it's German and I'm even more excited. Is it gonna sound like a mix between Rush and The Scorpions? I sure the fuck hope so.

Tomorrow's Eve checks both of these boxes so I'm really stoked to have a listen to their upcoming release of "Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros". It drops May 25, 2018, so I'm getting a pretty good advance taste of it.

I'm gonna put on my headphones now and crank it all the way to 11. My findings below.

Watch the lyric video for "Bread and Circuses" on Youtube here:

"Welcome to the Show" gets us started with a bang. More than a mix of Rush and Scorpions, it actually sounds like a mix of Queensryche and Iron Maiden. That's equally rad if you ask me. "Morpheus" is next and it continues the theme of tight, almost mathematical musicianship combined with powerful Geoff Tate-in-his-prime vocals. "Bread and Circuses" has more of a Disturbed vibe to it. It's a strong track and makes sense that it's the first single. "Imago" is dark and brooding but it kind of missed the mark for me. It lacks the melody of the first few tunes. Track five is "The System" and it's a softer touch to begin but builds in power and speed as the track continues. This one sounds a bit like Dream Theater. This might be the most prog-y song yet. Solid. "Law and Order" and "Dream Within a Dream" are both good songs and really flex the progressive muscle that "Law and Order" started. "Terminal" has blistering drums and ventures into almost a speed metal arena. It's tight. "Inner Sanctum" is one of the highlights of the second half of the album for me. My favorite chorus on the entire LP. "Somnium Ex Machina" is the penultimate track and it's decent. Actually might be my least favorite song on the record. But it isn't bad. That's a testament to how good it's been. "Gods Among Each Other" leaves us on a solid if unspectacular note. It sounds like a victory for sure and is kinda epic-sounding, I just wish we would have gone out with more of a bang.

If you're into the great progressive metal bands of the 80's and 90's, this is gonna ring the bell for you. I dug the melodic twists and turns and how tight this is musically. I have a hunch that you will too. Highly recommended.

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