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Now Hear This: Past Lives (EP) - Healing Spells

Rating: ***

Tokyo electronica producer Healing Spells has a new EP out called "Past Lives" and I'm lucky enough to give it a spin and tell y'all what I think about it.

Electronica is a mixed bag for me as readers of this site know. I always go in with fresh ears and a clear heart in the hopes that it will touch a part of my soul that most electronic music manages to miss.

So here we go. Let's listen to "Past Lives".

Listen to "Levitate" on Youtube below:

We get this party started with "Levitate" and it's not bad. It's not particularly good either. It definitely didn't move me. It's basic electronic music. I didn't hate it. Healing Spells seems like a more than adequate producer and engineer, but this just wasn't that innovative. Next up is "Precious Love" and it's a little more unique. I like this one quite a bit more than the first track. Title track "Past Lives" has a good groove that you wish would pick up a little bit but it never really does. I'm not in love, but it's alright. "Sleep Paralysis" is a solid track that I could see fans of the genre really spacing out to. This is one of the rare tracks where the sparse background vocal works well. "Sanskrit" has a world music feel and it actually is nice. One of the better tracks on a decent electronic outing.

This one isn't gonna crossover for mainstream success here in the states, but it will definitely find an audience amongst electronic music fans. Healing Spirits is very capable and "Past Lives" is an enjoyable listen.

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