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Now Hear This: Hidden Dimensions - H+

Rating: ***1/2

Malcolm Brian Swan, better known as H+ is a Bermuda born musician and producer that has made a name for himself by stringing together strangely melodic noise patterns that ride the line somewhere between dubstep and industrial. It's a weird mix to be certain but it's also almost always interesting.

I got his latest offering "Hidden Dimensions" in my inbox and was excited to mix my musical palate up a bit. I've been reviewing so much metal and singer-songwriter stuff that I was beginning to get a bit bored. This should make for an interesting change-of-pace.

Let's dig in.

Listen to "Hidden Dimensions" on Bandcamp below:

We start off with "Everytime" and it didn't grab me. The piano and vocal intro is pleasant, but the Marianne Faithful-esque vocals weren't doing it for me. The electronic bit at the end is nice, but it was too little too late for me on this one. Track two is "Planck Dimensions" and it's sci-fi and trippy and much better than the first track in my opinion. "Patterns" is funky and delightful. We are picking up some steam here. "Anomalies" is got a darker vibe to it. This sounds like it could be on the soundtrack of a cyber-horror film from 1999. I like it. Track five is "Error in the Standard Model" and it's a bit basic for such an exotic title. It doesn't suck, but it didn't do much for me either. "Dimensiones Ocultas" is nice. It's got a world-fusion feel that isn't like anything we've heard thus far. Really fun track. The title track "Hidden Dimensions" is next and it's dope. The mixing and production on this tune it top notch. Hits you in places that you least expect it to hit you. Throw the headphones on for this one. You'll feel it. "Inter Dimensional Portal" is slow to start, but it's hypnotic and fun. "Parallel Universe" has a great groove to it, but it doesn't stand out. I like it but I didn't love it. "Idiots" is the track we end on and it has maybe the most pop-friendly feel to it. I mean there would have to be a lot of bleeping as there are F's to spare. It's unique and sounds a bit like a Flobots song without any rapping.

H+ is an interesting artist that continues to add to his massive catalog of strange dub step repertoire. If you're looking for some interesting beats and sounds without sacrificing melody, this album is going to have more than enough to suit that craving.

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