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Now Hear This: Oddnote - Oddnote

Rating: ****

Oddnote is a Nashville band and from what I read about them they are highly influenced by some bands that I absolutely love (Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, etc.). Although that's promising, it doesn't always translate. I mean, I love vintage Eddie Murphy, but onstage I sound nothing like him.

Taking a look at some of the song titles, I'm intrigued. Some of them sound deep and others sound like sci-fi novels. That's always a good sign.

Let's listen to it!

Watch the music video for "Money Comes, Money Goes" on YouTube below:

We get started with a fairly uneventful intro titled "Timeless" it leads into the crunchy, pseudo-psychedelic "Money Comes, Money Goes" which I absolutely love. It's very reminiscent of Alice In Chains at their very best. "Life Plays on Life" is next and it's dark and heavy. The vocalist, Arman Asadsangabi is definitely invoking early 90s-era Chris Cornell on this one. Another strong track. "Used" has some serious groove hiding underneath all the vintage grunge posturing. "Peace of Mind" is more noise than anything that works as a weird interlude to the next track "Icy Hell". This one is Nirvana to the max. So much Seattle influence in this Nashville outfit. "615" is a contemplative track that might be the best-sung song thus far. "Neurons" has about as much radio appeal as anything on the record. A little more pop-friendly on this one. It actually works for them. "Dimension 9" is another interlude that brings us to "Why". This one slows things down a bit and it shows the band's versatility. Not a bad tune so far on this one. I might have spoken a little too soon as "Reckless Movement" is terribly boring. Next. The last interlude of the album entitled "Smoke Break" is probably my favorite of them all due to it's melodic and spacey noise. "Bad Tabs" is an ode to an acid trip that might have gone a little too far. I dug it. The album ends on "Laser Beam" and it's a rockin' dandy. The band sounds tight even in such a chaotic climate as this song provides. Really great album.

If you long for the days of the grunge gods, you absolutely can't pass this one up. It'll take you right back to 1992 when you were just about to open your "Dirt" cassette tape and get taken away to a dark and miserable place that you weren't sure you ever wanted to leave. Highly recommended.

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