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Now Hear This: Gettin' High Off You, Simple Man (singles) - Nick Lamb

Rating: **1/2

Nick Lamb is from Riverside and so am I so he's scoring some hometown points early.

From his one-sheet, it looks like he's into classic rock and 80's sleaze-metal. That can go some different ways. 80's sleaze rock from 1986 sounds rad and makes me nostalgic. 80's sleaze rock from 2018 can just be weird and make me uncomfortable.

"Gettin' High Off of You" and "Simple Man" are the first two cuts off of his soon-to-be-released LP called "Rock N Roll's My Road" that has a tentative release date of May 2018.

So let's stop dilly-dallying and get to the rock already.

Listen to "Gettin' High Off of You" on SoundCloud below:

We are gonna start with "Gettin' High Off of You" and the production isn't good. It's definitely got a "I'm just learning Garage Band on my Mac" vibe to it. Lyrically it's cute and musically it's adequate but it sounds really dated. It's catchy and kitschy though and that counts for something. "Simple Man" is earnest and well-sung. These tunes aren't going to sound revolutionary and the songs get held back a little by the poor production but Nick Lamb can sing and play and write a song. That much comes across despite the glaring deficiencies.

There's going to be people that really like this and an equal amount of people that won't like this at all. I was somewhere in between and think if the production value was upped slightly, these tunes might shine a little brighter for it.

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