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Now Hear This: On It (single) - Sam Woolf and The Como Brothers

Rating: ***1/2

So I guess Sam Woolf was on American Idol at some point but I never saw that and have frankly boycotted that program ever since Bo Bice undeservedly lost to Carrie Underwood over a decade ago.

I did some quick research and saw that people seem to think he's got a real smooth voice and Keith Urban even said it sounds "like butter". Mmm, delicious.

The Como Brothers I know a little more about but not that much. I know they have had songs on a bunch of TV shows and commercials and have some industry buzz for their songwriting prowess.

These guys are all buds and have played hella shows together and decided to write and release a single with plans to collaborate even more in the future.

So with all that, let's have a listen to "On It" and see what we think.

Watch the music video for "On it" on YouTube below:

Sounds pretty funky for a bunch of white dudes. Woolf can sing and like Keith Urban said, it does have a buttery quality to it. This is catchy af and kinda reminds me of Robin Thicke (whatever happened to that guy???). Musically it's sparse but that's what the song demands. Lyrically it's sexy and suggestive without being pervy and obvious. It's a good little jam that could definitely see some top 40 airplay in the right markets.

This one has a great melody and is smooth and sexy fun. It's not revolutionary but songs like these are better when they aren't. It's got a ton of white-boy groove and I'm guessing you'll put it on a few playlists. I dug it.

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