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Now Hear This: Bad Idea - Steven Romero

Rating: ****

Steven Romero is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, CA with a brand new single called "Bad Idea" dropping on Friday, March 2 and I had the distinct pleasure of checking it out early and jotting down my thoughts.

Steven is influenced by Michael Jackson and George Michael which immediately excites me because those are both vocal gods in my eyes (and ears) ya know?

So does Romero have the pipes and the pop savvy to make a big splash in the over-saturated top 40 market? Let's give it a whirl and find out!

Starts with a simple piano riff leading to the verse. So far he's not over-singing which is a good thing. I hate when singers come in guns blazing and try to out-sing the melody. Really powerful vocals ending the verse and entering the chorus. The chorus is catchy. It's got this subtlety and nuance to it that I really dig. The bridge is solid. Romero is a good singer for sure. This doesn't scream "HIT!" but it's sneaky good.

Steven Romero's lead single is pretty terrific. It's not gonna blow you away, but it's gonna stay with you and you are gonna listen to it repeatedly. Trust that.

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