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Now Hear This: The Feeling - Marko Jankovic

Rating: ****

Marko Jankovic is a TV and movie producer. He's also an actor. But most importantly, he fancies himself a guitar shredder.

Now I don't know if any of it's true, at this point I'm just taking his word for it. What I DO know is that I ended up with his debut LP in my review inbox and I have every intention in seeing if the rumors are true.

So without further adieu, let's give a long listen to "The Feeling" and draw our own conclusions.

Watch the long-form music video for "The Feeling" below:

The first tune on the record is called "Moral Bankruptcy" and it is a driving force. Jankovic is definitely a shredder. It really reminds me of something I would have heard on Vinnie Moore's classic "Meltdown". Next up is "All Good Things" and it's a little more melodic and dreamy sounding. He plays fast but with a ton of feeling. That goes a long way with me. So many times, these guitar dudes get so caught up in doing these amazingly fast sweeps that all the emotion is lost. Not in this case. Title track "The Feeling" is epic sounding and anthemic. The long-form music video (see above) is well done and shows his cinematic chops as well. "Hermosa Espana" is a flamenco number that shows off Marko's diverse guitar inspirations. Very solid album thus far. "Kica & Vera featuring Paul Romero" is a gorgeous ballad that fits in nicely and again shows off Jankovic' range. Deo Volente sounds a bit like Gary Hoey and that my friends is a HUGE compliment. It rocks along and it a tune that I could see myself driving my car way too fast to. "Rayne's Dream Pt 1" is a touching monologue about true love with a pretty background of synths and guitar. "Eastern Sunset" is another Gary Hoey-sounding tune with a great melody-line and some excellent shredding. "Belgrade featuring Al Di Cicco" is a bit too new age-y for me, but it's well-played and I'm sure some people will connect with it. Just not me. "Not Forgotten featuring Joel Martin" is more jangly than the rest of the album and it makes for a nice change of pace. This is one of my favorite tunes on the back end of the album. "'til That Day featuring Uriel Ortega" is another lovely ballad. A little slow, but still likable. The record ends with "Rayne's Dream Pt 2" in a continuation of the lovely monologue prior. It's a great way to end a pretty amazing guitar-based album.

If you love guitar, you're gonna find more than enough here to whet your appetite. Marko Jankovic is an immensely talented technical player with more than enough feel to add an emotional element as well. Pick this thing up, and then go see him live at the Whiskey a Go-Go on February 28.

Keep up with Marko Jankovic here:


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