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Now Hear This: Who Can You Trust (EP) - Arden and the Wolves

Rating: ***1/2

I've always been into witches. My girlfriend is one.

When I was a teen I had a crush on Teen Witch. It's always been something I've been fascinated with. That said, when I saw Arden and the Wolves' new EP "Who Can You Trust" swing by my inbox, I was intrigued. They are clearly into the occult. That's tight.

The Los Angeles band led by Arden Leigh aim to practice magick through their unique sonic sound and why the hell shouldn't they? The world can use a little magic at the moment.

So I'm gonna listen to it. Byeeeeeeeee.

We get started with the title track "Who Can You Trust" and it's got an early Paramore feel to it. It's catchy and Arden has a cool Berlin-ish voice. It's 80's in a good way. "Another Year of Rain" contains pretty witchy lyrics all about an unwanted courtship. It's an intense damning of a guy that's psychically pursuing relentlessly. The chorus is what sells the tune. It's not a traditional pop song, but it's catchy enough. "Tango (The Girl Who Never Was)" is track three. It has a more deliberate pace but it works well. This one reminds me of Evanescence a tad and that's not necessarily a bad thing. It might be my least favorite track thus far but it's not bad. Next up is a cover of the Ramones' "Poison Heart" and it's actually pretty rad. They put their own twist on it. Vocally Arden is at her best here. The short and sweet EP ends with "The Death of Me". I really like this one. They definitely have a distinct vibe. She shows her range a little bit here. One of the stronger tracks.

This is a good little EP! If you're into Scandal and other female-fronted 80's rock, you're gonna love this. Arden Leigh and company have a good foundation to build on here. I recommend giving it a spin when it drops 2/9/2018.

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