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Now Hear This: A Darker Shade of Heaven (featuring Elektra Cute) (video) - Illuminatè Steele

Rating: ****

So I'm checking out the new music video from Illuminatè Steele (featuring burlesque dancer Elektra Cute) called "A Darker Side of Heaven".

If you're not familiar with Illuminatè Steele, she does a little bit of everything. She's a Minneapolis-based poet, DJ, singer, and producer/director. She's pretty renowned in the Minnesota electronic scene and I'm excited to check the video out.

Let's just get right to it then!

Watch the video for "A Darker Shade of Heaven (featuring Elektra Cute)" on Vimeo below:

This screams "club hit" right off the bat. It's got a hypnotic beat that is met with a hypnotic verse and you guessed it, and even more hypnotic chorus. The video itself is a very slick production. It's sexy without being sleazy. Elektra Cute adds an element to the song that is so congruent with the tune itself. Illuminatè Steele comes off confident and ready to express. The song is great and the video matches that intensity and hypnotic theme perfectly.

Even if you're not a fan of electronic club music, I'm guessing you're gonna hum this one to yourself after the first listen. Even if you don't love the song, I think you're probably gonna love the music video. Just a hunch. I recommend this.

Keep up with Illuminatè Steele here:

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