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Now Hear This: Neon Colors - Amaris

Rating: ****

26-year-old Dutch producer, singer, author, and actress, Amaris Wenceslas has a new record called "Neon Colors" out and I'd be lying if I said I knew what to expect. I know literally nothing about her.

Reading her one-sheet I learned a little bit more. She also produces EDM outfit Geiko which subsequently released their record in tandem with this one.

Since I'm beyond ignorant about the artist, I figure the best way to get to know her is to check out the record.

So I'm gonna do that.

Listen to "Neon Colors" on Spotify here.

We start things off with the intergalactic "Deep Into Space". She's got a really unique voice and vocal style. It's equal parts Bjork and Lily Allen. I dug it. It's got a cool energy. "Bassline" is next and it has a really dope guessed it...bassline. It's catchy. This one reminds me of Blondie a little. Track three is called "Unsigned" and it's got a cool drumline backbeat. She gets out of her comfort-zone vocally and it serves her well. Another really solid tune. "Swim On" shows an obvious Bjork influence. It's haunting and cool. That helps make up for the fact that it's not nearly as catchy as the prior tracks. Next up is "You Don't Know My Heart" and it's got a Lorde feel to it. It's slow and hypnotic and not my favorite track on the album but it's still good. Very Lorde. "Alien Games" and "Critical Orbit" are both spacey and fun. This is almost like a concept album. All of the tunes fit together in one way or another. "Fever" is track eight and it's got a catchy drum rhythm and vocally it's catchy in a KT Tunstall kind-of-way. "Lonely Fighter" is a ballad of sorts and it kind of misses the mark for me. "Tough Love" might be my favorite track on the whole album. Super hypnotic and will stay with you for multiple listens. I kept going back to this one. Lyrically it's sinister and edgy. Really love this one. Title track "Neon Colors" ends this one. It's more of the same and that's a good thing. I wouldn't say this one stands out that much, but it's still a rock solid song.

I really liked this album. I came into listening to it without much of a gauge on what we were about to experience and I was pleasantly surprised. Give this one a listen if you're a fan of Bjork and Blondie.

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