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Now Hear This: Millennial Kingdom Volume 2 - 4D (Jody Giachello)

Rating: ****1/2

So drummer Jody Giachello is a pretty bad dude. When he's not playing with HAIM and performing on national television shows like SNL, Fallon, and Ellen, he can be found ambitiously working on his experimental side projects.

"Millenial Kingdom Volume 2" is the latest and I honestly can't wait to give it a whirl. I love drums and I love when they are used creatively in an experimental environment.

This promises to do just that.

Let's check it out.

Watch the video for Har Megiddo (Armageddon) on YouTube below:

The first track is called "Super Nova" and it's appropriately titled. It takes the best elements of math rock like Hella and combines it with the nuance of experimental jazz like Sun Ra. The drums are predictably amazing, but the guitar shreds too. "Centrifuge" is a neat little smoother and a little neater. This one comes with much more symmetry but it doesn't lose any of the infectious vibe in the process. Track three is "Har Migeddo (Armageddon)" and it's a journey. Very epic. Jody is a versatile drummer. He can keep the rhythm but also venture out in all sorts of strange territories while still managing to stay within the context of the tune. It's really something. "Oblivion" is next and in an album full of dope tunes this one still manages to stand out. It's video game music for the apocalypse. Really bad ass. "Triumph (Return of the King)" is anthemic and shows 4D pulling back a little and letting the melody do the talking. "Revelation (Millennial Kingdom)" is another acid jazz track for the 8-bit era. I mean that it the best way possible. Completely mesmerizing and a perfect way to end the record.

For fans of the drums and experimental rock/jazz music, this is an absolute must-have. 4D is crazy-talented. I give this one a very high recommendation.

Keep up with 4D here:





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