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Now Hear This: Every Summer Since (mixtape) - Maxx the Muffin Man

Rating: ***

So I'm about to review a mixtape from an 18-year-old dude named Maxx the Muffin Man. The cover art is a cool cartoon drawing of a stoney looking kid with a boombox, a bong, and some magic mushrooms. So basically what I'm saying is that if the cover is any indication, I'm gonna love it.

But we need to listen to it. What if Maxx the Muffin Man is just a clever name? What if on the cover those were somebody else's drugs? What if this isn't even rap?

We need answers. I'm gonna provide them. Let's dive in.

Listen to "Every Summer Since" on SoundCloud below:

"Wavy Gravy" sounds like dude is rapping in slow motion. I'm mixed on this one because it sounds like he's maybe doing that on purpose. Lyrically, I'm kinda into it. The guest spot by C.O.B. is dope. "Match Box" is next and I dig it alright. It's not revolutionary or anything but dude can rap. Sometimes that's enough. "Puff is Enough" has C.O.B. on it again. His verse is better on this one also. Shit, where's his mixtape? Anyways, I like this track also, but none of it is blowing my mind. "Adderall N Cigarettes" is track four. His cadence is a little different on this one and it's a cool change. He sounds down and desperate and it makes the lyrics really work. "Sunday Suede" is pretty skippable if you ask me. Nothing special. "Every Summer Since" is dope. It has a nice sample, and I think Maxx sounds in his element here. "See What Side" and "Power Nap" are both ok, if forgettable. "Wishing the Daze" has another dope sample. The piano is a nice touch and Maxx sounds confident and capable on this one. Maybe the most technically proficient track on the mixtape. "NOCHORUSNEEDED" reminds me of Kool Keith a little. In fact, he had a track called "No Chorus" on the Dr. Dooom CD from some years ago too. I think this one shows that Maxx can rap, but isn't great by any stretch. The record ends kinda flat on this one.

Maxx the Muffin Man (...if that's your real name...) seems like a cool dude to hang with and I bet he's the life of the party. This mixtape is good but it's not great. In a very oversaturated market, he's probably gonna have to do a little more, but he's young and skilled and I have a feeling he's gonna get there.

Keep up with Maxx the Muffin Man here:




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