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Now Hear This: Like I Did (single) - Jenn Connor

Rating: ***1/2

Jenn Connor is a pop singer from Toronto. She's got a new single called "Like I Did" that is a sort of precursor for a planned EP to be released later in the year.

She's had some success already with a couple of hit singles on the indie charts with the help of established producer Tomas Costanza (2 Chainz, Boys Like Girls).

I don't usually love bubblegum pop, but maybe this will show me a side of the genre that I've yet to explore. Or maybe it'll just be undeniably good? Stranger things have happened.

Listen to the single "Like I Did" on SoundCloud here:

The verse happens quick, and it's catchy and intense in a teen drama sort of way. Lyrically it's kid stuff. Relationships being hard, social media passive aggressiveness, jealousy, etc. It's not super original but it does sound fresh. Jenn has a likable singing voice, and the chorus is catchy. Good infectious beat too. It's not bad at all. In fact I'd say it's just a little bit better than good but not quite great.

Fans of Mandy Moore and Jessica Simpson are probably gonna be in hog heaven with this one. For the general listener it isn't bad. It's a pleasant and catchy pop song from an artist that I'm almost certain we will hear more from soon. I'm actually looking forward to this EP!

Keep up with Jenn Connor here:




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