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Now Hear This: Alcohol + Bad Decisions - Psychocide

Rating: ***

I get to review some metal again today and I gotta tell you, I need it.

It's been a long week over here in Now Hear This land. The best way I know how to let it go is by putting the headphones on and cranking it up to 11.

This time around we have the Montreal-based band, Psychocide with their latest release "Alcohol + Bad Decisions". This full-length LP came out over the summer but I'm just now getting around to checking it out. It's already 2018 for chrissakes, but I digress.

Ready for some metal? I am. I so am.

Watch the music video for "Mary" on YouTube here:

We get the party started with "Crazy Janet". It's a good time. It's pretty straight-forward rock and roll. It's not changing the game or anything, but it's fun. "Mary" is next and it's one of the record's first singles. It doesn't really do it for me. It's repetitive and not particularly catchy. From there we go to "Crossing Guard" and it kinda reminds me of Nirvana. That isn't a bad thing. Lyrically it's pretty dark, but the riff and melody is strong. I dig this one. "Mr. Suit" is track four and it is a throwback to the early 2000's. This one is catchy. None of these are particularly bad, it's just not blowing my mind...yet. "Dear Alice" has a creepy xylophone intro that really sets the mood for a dark rocker. I really like the vibe of this one. Probably my favorite tune so far. Track six is "Temporary Friends" and we are back to fairly uninventive rock here. Again, I don't hate it, it's just not amazing. "Brotherman" is really solid metal. The chorus really sticks out for me. It reminds me of early STP. "Paranoia" is track eight. It's got more of a Disturbed vibe to it. It's alright. "Steet Named Desire" has a SKA feel that lightens the mood a bit. I actually like this sound for them. It's more tongue-in-cheek and it suits them well. The album ends with "Breaking Bad". I think this one is really good. It's interesting lyrically which hasn't always been the case during this record's journey.

This is a good record. It's not great and it's definitely not bad. I think there is gonna be some tracks on here that stick with people for repeated listening, there just aren't enough of them to go higher than 3 stars for me.

Keep up with Psychocide here:





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