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Now Hear This: Hero (single) - Angel

Rating: **1/2

Angel is a "cinematic artist". Which means, in short, that she takes inspiration from something (in the case of the reviewed single it's the Manchester bombing) and then makes a performance piece out of it. The concept is pretty cool, so I was excited to check out the single, and accompanying music video for her cover of "Hero" originally done by Bonnie Tyler.

So let's take it in. My thoughts are below.

Watch the music video for "Hero" on YouTube here:

The arrangement is lovely. Angel has a unique singing voice for sure. It takes a little while to get used to it, but I found myself finding it fitting for the tone and the mood of the song. I will say this, it's an acquired taste. The cover stays fairly true to the original during the verse, with adjustments made for Angel's different vocal stylings when compared to Bonnie Tyler's. The chorus is much slower in pace than the original, which reflects the somber mood of the events in which the performance was inspired by. The video is intense and shot well. My biggest criticism is that it looks and sounds dated. Oftentimes when a cover is done many years later, it's worthwile to take a really fresh spin. This is different for sure, but it doesn't sound fresh. That is the difference between something that is great, and something that is only ok. This is only ok.

The video is an experience in itself, so I would recommend watching it. The song doesn't really stand on it's own though. I think it's worth a listen, but you're probably not gonna go back for more.

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