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Now Hear This: C-30 Duets Vol. 1 (EP) - WeatheredMan

Rating: ***1/2

WeatheredMan is a project by Simon Bradshaw of Roja (mariachi music) fame with many collaborating artists in tow. Many that you will thoroughly recognize like boy band sensation Aaron Paul. By looking at the one-sheet, I was skeptical how this one would play out. Some of the combos may seem quite surprising.

That said, I was ready to tear in and see what I'm dealing with here. I like things that seem like they shouldn't work but do. I'm optimistic that will be the case here. But who knows? It could be a complete train wreck. It's a risk I'm willing to take.

Here we go.

Watch the video for "Hand in my Pocket w/ Aaron Paul" on YouTube here:

We get started with the lead single "Hand In My Pocket" and it immediately grabs me. It's seductive and super catchy. It features the aforementioned Aaron Paul on vocals and it's just a perfect fit. It's a sexy ass song that I could see getting major airplay in the right markets. "Too Much to Say I Love You" is next and it features Danii Roundtree. It's another sexy affair. It reminds me of Tindersticks. It's moody and not as pop-friendly as the first track. Still solid. Track three is "Salty Dish" w/ LeeSun. It's got a cool horns intro. It's blues-ey and Tom Waits-ey but it's ultimately kinda forgettable. "Party" featuring Kim Jennett sounds like Oingo Boingo and Neko Case had a baby. Really funky and fun. Really good tune. The EP ends with "Rock Karaoke" with Trisha McTeague guesting. This one has more of an R&B feel. The vocals don't fit as well here. I like the idea but it ends up falling sorta flat.

This one is a mixed bag in the fact that not all the songs grabbed me. However, the ones that did, really did. If you're looking for a departure from typical pop music, this one delivers the diverse goods in heaps. I recommend checking it out.

Keep up with WeatheredMan here:



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