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Now Hear This: Holiday Vinyl (single) - Blakeley

Rating: ****1/2

According to her bio, Blakeley lives in Brooklyn, loves Bernie Sanders, and has cleaned toilets for $50 a day.

She's also a singer-songwriter that draws inspiration from fairly diverse places. EDM? Check. Rockabilly? Check. Folk? Check.

She has a new single called "Holiday Vinyl" out and it's just in time to celebrate! I'm sure this is gonna be a really upbeat affair that celebrates Santa, holly, elves, and all that other amazing Christmastime shit that people adore! I love good-time holiday music!

Let's listen in and see what it's all about.

Listen to "Holiday Vinyl" on YouTube here:

Oh, this isn't upbeat at all. Thank God. It starts with some jangly folk guitars and off we go. She's got a unique voice. I kinda love it. It's got a Patsy Cline meets Tom Waits vibe. Lyrically it's an ode to what a huge bummer the holidays can be. Isolating. Lonely. Cold. Musically it's simple but that's just what the lyrics and melody demand. This is sheer, sad, perfection.

Blakeley really delivers the goods here. It's a holiday song to drink your whiskey alone with. To me, that's just about all you can ask for in a Christmas song. I really loved it. Can't wait to hear more from her. Highly recommended.

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