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Now Hear This: Connected (single) - AMERA

Rating: ****1/2

Readers of Now Hear This know that I'm not the authority on Electronic Music. I like some. I hate some. I don't really know what I'm listening to either way though. I just know that some of it moves me and some of it doesn't.

That said, I'm always excited when a new track or LP comes by my inbox for a test drive. It gives me a chance to bone up on my knowledge and to generally get a better feel of what's out there.

The electronic group Amera seems like an interesting outfit. Live performance, instrumentation, and vocals are a big part of what they do. It's not just a DJ or a dude pointing and clicking on his MacBook Pro. This is the real deal.

Their new track and music video "Connected" is out now, and I got the pleasure of having a gander and a listen. So I did that. The results are below.

Watch the video for "Connected" on YouTube here:

It starts with a slow lead-up. A lot of EDM starts like this so I'm not thrown off. I've been down this road before. It builds for a while. The crescendo where the verse eventually starts is kind of a letdown. But maybe it's building to something else. The singer (Brooke Adams) has a good singing voice and it fits this genre well. The beats reaches a fairly frenetic pace when the chorus kicks in. The chorus is really catchy. I found myself singing it to myself for most of the night I wrote this. There is some solid guitar work mixed in including a solo (GASP!). It seemed overly long, but maybe that's just how these songs are. I'm not sure. I think they are.

It's different and that is a definite plus. As far as electronic music goes, it was pretty good for me. I'm not gonna go back for repeated listens but I probably never would for this genre (unless it's Kraftwerk of Daft Punk). As far as I'm concerned, it was alright and that's probably a "really good" for fans of the genre.

Keep up with AMERA here:



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