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Now Hear This: It's Broken (EP) - Reflexson

Rating: ****

When I think about EDM music, I never really think about Texas.

Maybe it's just me.

Houston's Reflexson aims to change that thought process. He's coming out guns blazing on a new EP called "It's Broken". Apparently, it's the first part of a full-length LP to be released in 2018 that will also be available on vinyl. I love vinyl.

So let's check out this EP and see if the LP is worth looking forward to or not. Let's listen, shall we?

Listen to "It's Broken" on Bandcamp here:

"Shattered" has a really nice vibe to it. It's relaxing. It puts me in mind to chilling out on a beach with a mai tai and nothing but time. Really solid start. "Disconnected" is a little more abrasive. Darker in tone, it serves as a sudden reminder that Reflexson isn't here just to chill out. "Knocktover" is a poorly spelled gem that doesn't sound anything like the two tracks prior. That's quite a feat for EDM these days. I like this one a lot actually. Next, we have "Hammered Down" and it's got some jazz flow to it. Nice melody line too. Sounds like really excellent video game music. The EP ends with "Frame Break" and it's got a more ambient tone. Not my favorite track on the album, but it's still alright.

Short and sweet, "It's Broken" delivers the good. If nothing else, it's going to make you long for more, which I'm almost certain is the point. Stay tuned for the LP coming in 2018, it's sure to be a good one. I recommend this.

Keep up with Reflexson here:


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