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Now Hear This: There's Nothin' I Don't Love - Angela C. Howell

Rating: ****

New York jazz singer, Angela C. Howell has a new cut called “There’s Nothin’ I Don’t Love” and it’s burning up the Adult Contemporary charts. It’s the first single off her seventh studio release, due out in Spring of 2018.

According to her bio, she’s a multi-talented jazz, blues, and folk musician that also acts, conducts, teaches, and directs. Holy cow. I feel really lazy and untalented right now.

Howell obviously has a ton of talent and ambition, but will I like her single? That is the real question.

Let’s listen to it now.

For starters, she’s a good singer. Reminds me of Diana Krall a bit. The vibe is Manhattan jazz club and not East Village coffeehouse. She possesses what all great singer’s do and that’s the ability to make me feel like what she’s saying is real. She’s not just going through the motions here. Musically, it’s simple but it doesn’t need to be complicated. This is lounge-y in all the right ways. Really solid single.

Angela C. Howell has six albums behind her already. “There’s Nothin’ I Don’t Love” whets the appetite for album number 7 perfectly. If you’re into jazz with about as smooth of vocals as you’re going to hear, then I strongly recommend checking this one out.

Keep up with Angela C. Howell here:


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