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Now Hear This: Dark Lit Places (EP) - Nocturnal Animals

Rating: ****

The state of Georgia kicks out some pretty damn good bands. R.E.M., Outkast, and Neutral Milk Hotel to new a few.

Nocturnal Animals happens to be from Atlanta, so we're starting with a pretty good omen. They used to be called "Rude!" so the second good thing is that they aren't called that anymore.

Back in October, they released an EP that had some people buzzing. I heard about it but didn't get a chance to check it out. Well, surprise, surprise. Here it is in my review mailbox just waiting to be checked out. I totally checked it out. Here are the results.

Listen to "Dark Lit Places" on Soundcloud below:

We open with the song "Teeth" and it's a solid start. It's got a cool and creepy vibe to it. This dude (singer Mason Jones) sounds a lot like Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day. Like a lot. It's interesting to hear this kinda vocal style with this music. It's like if Billy Joe sang for Interpol. I'm into it. "4AM" is next. This one is more poetic than the first track. The Billy Joe vibe continues to stay strong. It also has a Green Day hook leading into the chorus. Really good melody line on this one. I like this. Track three is "Red Shoes" and it's more of a straight-forward rocker. It's mixing in a swing jazz feel now. Another really good tune. The EP concludes with "Satellite". It's a slower ballad. Earnest and really well-sung, I can see this one staying with me for repeated listens. Really killer little project here.

"Dark Lit Places" is really great. I understand the buzz it's created. These guys are young and obviously influenced but it doesn't take away from their own unique sound. Highly recommended.

Keep up with Nocturnal Animals here:





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