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Now Hear This: Wolf In The Fold (EP) - The Green Door

Rating: ****

The Green Door is a San Francisco band. I love San Francisco bands. Not just because I love San Francisco. I mean, I do love San Francisco, but that's not the reason of love the bands that hail from there. One of the main reasons is because one of my favorite bands of all time called San Francisco home, Jellyfish. Does the Green Door sound anything like Jellyfish? Probably not, but as I review their latest "Wolf In The Fold" I'm going to try my best not to hold that against them.

Listen to "Wolf In The Fold" on YouTube below:

The title track "Wolf In The Fold" leads us off. It's grimy western rock. It's like a modern version of "The First Born is Dead" era Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Really solid start. Track two is "Tall Grass is Tangled". This one has more of a surf-rock feel to it. This reminds me of The Murder City Devils. I love it. Less violent I suppose. Still really great. "You Won't Hear That Anymore" is next and perfectly captures 60's garage rock. This whole album plays like the soundtrack for the modern mod. "Back To Houston" kicks up the dirty country vibe to 11. It's country music for scenesters while still maintaining authenticity somehow. That's a rad trick to pull off. Track five is "Borderland" and it's a down-tempo affair. Singer, Mike Carnahan even floats up a few octaves here and there on this one. Solid. The EP concludes with the eerie "Rivers." It's short and creepy. A perfect ending really.
I really loved this record. It sets an early tone that it never steers from. It's dark gospel music for a generation of hopeless hipsters. Highly recommended.

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