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Now Hear This: Where Were You? (single) - Les Techno

Rating: ****

Les Techno is a weird guy.

I was first introduced to him earlier this year on "Whatever Happened to Les Techno" which I reviewed here. That was a strange mix of Rolling Stones meets U2 at a Microsoft keynote address in 1995. There was some good and there was some bad, but overall I found it interesting and listenable.

Now I see a new single from him in my inbox and I absolutely need to check it out. So that's what I did. Duh.

Watch the music video for "Where Were You?" on YouTube below:
This one immediately reminds me of early INXS. Much like his earlier EP, lyrically it's political in tone. Les doesn't seem to be a fan of the Trump era (who is?). It's actually really catchy. It's typical verse-chorus-verse with a bridge thrown in, but it's a damn fine pop song. I dug it.
Les Techno isn't gonna be for everybody. It's weird and leans hard to the left politically. If you're into that, you're probably gonna be into this. I am.

Keep up with Les Techno here:



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