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Now Hear This: Sounds From Space - Dylan Tauber

Rating: ***

Dylan Tauber is considered an "Israeli electronica visionary" and has been featured on 60+ radio stations all over the globe. His latest album is called "Sounds From Space" and promises to be a combination of spacey instrumentals and guest vocalists. Sounds pretty good right? I thought so. That's why I listened to it. My thoughts are below.

Listen to "Sounds From Space" on SoundCloud below:

Now normally I would do a track by track analysis of the album, but this one seems like the sum is greater than it's individual parts. Tauber is clearly an excellent music engineer. The production is super clean. Almost too clean at points as many tracks seem to lack soul. Tracks four and five, "12-16-16 and 12-16-16-2", respectively are perfect examples of this. The beats are clean and hypnotic, but it lacks depth. It would sound sad if it wasn't so robotic and predictable. This problem seems to be avoided on the tracks that Enila and Francessca Belisario guest vocal on. They both bring a humanity and humility to the songs that are lacking elsewhere. "Carmen Song" could be a club hit and is easily one of the highlights of the second half of the album. "Space Groove" is nice and chill and "Dolphin Cry 2.0 Vocal Mix" is another club jam that I could see getting some run in discotheques around the nation.
Dylan Tauber is a talented guy and there's a lot to like here. Electronic music can be a tough nut to crack when it comes to the ever elusive "feeling" element and too often this offering lacks just that. The highs are very high though and that's what brings in the 3-star rating. Mild recommend.

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