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Now Hear This: Eleven Nine - Eric Anders

Rating: ***1/2

Eric Anders hates Donald Trump. I relate. He's an asshole of the highest order. Usually, bad Presidential reigns create the best music. Will Anders "Eleven Nine" answer the bell? There's only one way to find out. Let's listen to it.

Watch the music video for "The Fire Has Burned Too Long" on YouTube below:

The first track is "This Fire Has Burned Too Long" and it's a great one. Thoughtful and honest, it takes a hard look at where society has been and where it's headed. It sounds a little like a Tom Petty and Neil Young mashup. Very powerful. Track two is "Who'll Stop The Rain?" and we slow down a bit. Pretty forgettable track in context with track one. "How Low and Why" is classic rock personified. Channeling Neil Young hard on this one. "Looking Forward to Your Fall V2" is a painful ode to a former lover. Nothing says scorn like looking forward to another's demise. "Inside the Sacrifice Zones" is a lovely ballad. "Do You Feel" and "A Man For No Season" both manage to hit the right classic rock and blues fusion notes, with the latter sounding like it was ripped right off the b-side of "Needle and the Damage Done." Track eight is "So Wrong" and it's more powerful shade thrown at good ole 45. "Big World Abide" is next and it's a slower feel. Not bad, but it's also not my favorite track on the album either. "I Hear Them All" is last and it's got a gorgeous little finger-picked bluegrass vibe to it. It's a small glimmer of hope in an album, and era of hopelessness.
Eric Anders offers up a good effort here. It's really a love letter to the "resist" movement and an absolute slander of the Trump regime all done in a gorgeous classic rock setting. If you love Neil Young, you'll love this.

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