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Now Hear This: Tin Can (single) - Lukka

Rating: *****

Lukka is an indie artist from NYC and everything I've read about her sounds amazing.
She studied classical piano as a kid before picking up a guitar at 15 an teaching herself how to play that as well. She's traveled all over the globe playing with different bands before finally settling in NYC permanently in 2013.
She's got a new single out called "Tin Can" and I was super excited to have a listen. Here are my thoughts.

Listen to "Tin Can" on Spotify below:

The tune starts with a rad lo-fi vibe that leads us into the verse. It actually reminds me of The New Pornographers a little. The melody is catchy and the production is sparse but still complementary to the music and vocals alike. It's got a psychedelic flavor that I really dig. It sounds fuzzy and distorted and the effect on the vocals is just perfect. Incredibly strong first single.
This is actually the first single to get a perfect rating on this site. If you're into lo-fi indie rock, this is literally a can't miss track. 5 stars!

Keep up with Lukka here:

Website: Facebook:



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