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Now Hear This: Distant Echoes & Close Encounters - Aurganic

Rating: ****

Everything about Aurganic on paper sounds like they're going to be my new favorite band. Influenced by Muse and The Postal Service? C'mon, man! That's a combo I can really get behind! But the proof is in the pudding and that's why I was so damn excited to check out their latest full-length release called "Distant Echoes & Close Encounters" to figure it all out for myself.
Will they live up to the lofty expectations I've made for them in my head? There's only one way to find out. Let's listen to this ish.

Listen to "Distant Echoes & Close Encounters" on SoundCloud below:

The album starts out with a track called Signs. It's got a spacey intro which is always a good omen...or sign so to speak. It's like Muse got really into prog-rock. It's also got a really dope Jellyfish-sounding harmony. We are off to a rad start. Track two is called Empires. This one is more reminiscent of the band Fun. Another really good tune. Invincible (In the Shadows) is next and it's got a really cool synth intro that is a precursor for of a more downtempo vibe. They do this look excellent as well. Levitate is track 4. We get back to the more prog rock sound on this one. Drums are tight af on this one. Distant Echoes is the first part of the title track duo with Close Encounters ending the album later on. Earnest lyrics and more excellent harmonies. This one has alternative radio written all over it. Meander and Porcelain are tracks 6 and 7 respectively and they are both solid if unspectacular alternative rock tracks. They start to show their Incubus influence strongly here. Shaman is track 8 and it starts with a rad acoustic guitar intro that leads us to the verse. This might be the best-sung song on the whole album. Lyrically it gets a bit spiritual and mystical. I like it. A welcome change of pace late in the album. Close Encounters is the final track and it's a perfect ending. Instrumental space rock with serious progressive rock overtones. Really great track.
What an excellent record! If you're into The Shins 6 days a week but totally rock out to Hella and Coheed & Cambria on Sundays this album is gonna hit you in all the right spots. Really strong recommend from me.

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