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Now Hear This: Turning It Up - Jay Clark Band

Rating: **1/2

Dayton, Ohio's Jay Clark, and his band are back with a new LP scheduled for release on December 15, 2017, and I had the privilege of giving it an early listen and to jot down my thoughts on the subject. The album is called "Turning It Up" and the cover has a stereo dial with a 0 and an 11 in an obvious homage to Spinal Tap so we're off to a hot start already.
From what I read, Jay Clark Band have a southern rock feel. In my eyes, that's always feast or famine. Will they be the next Gregg Allman Band or the next Jackyl? Let's find out.

Listen to "Turning It Up" on SoundCloud below:
The first track is the one that bears the title, Turning It Up. It's a good time tune with references to solo cups, flip cup, and shots-shots-shots. It's a pretty straightforward rocker when it comes down to it. It's not gonna redefine the genre by any stretch, but it's not bad. On My Way is next and it's got a George Thorogood vibe to it for better or worse. It lacks originality but there isn't anything particularly awful about it. It's just kinda there. Track three is Won't Let You Down and it's got the strongest melody of the bunch so far. Solid tune. We get to Backroads on track four and it's another good one. This is where Jay Clark really hits his stride. Fun country-tinged rock. The second half of the album leads off with A Storm is Coming. Lyrically it's a little less carefree. Gettin' serious all the sudden. It's plagued by some of the same problems on the earlier tracks, it's just kinda there. Loud is the next track and it's another upbeat rocker. It's a tribute of sorts to the recently passed, Tom Petty. It's one of the better efforts on the LP. Things slow down a little with the penultimate, Coming Back to You. It's a sweet little ballad of a man consumed with road life and missing his girl. I dig it. Things end with Hometown. This one is very country. Pulls a card from the George Strait deck on this one. The album ended pretty well, actually.
This one isn't gonna blow you away but it's got some good stuff on it. None of it's bad, but nothing stands out either. If you're into country-western-tinged rock and roll, there's gonna be enough here to keep your interest. Slight recommendation from me on this one.

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