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Now Hear This: Sober (single) - Ann Taylor

Rating: ***1/2

Calgary singer-songwriter Ann Taylor doesn't just have an excellent last name, she also has a new single out called "Sober" that foreshadows a new, yet-to-be-titled EP tentatively dropping on December 8th of this year.
On last years EP "Roses" she explored her very versatile repertoire of folk music. Will "Sober" offer more of the same? Let's check it out.
Listen to "Sober" on Soundcloud below:
The track starts with a cool little acoustic guitar rhythm that leads us into a dope downtempo beat where the verse starts. She sounds cool and confident. Musically it's cohesive and lyrically it's mature. The melody is strong and the song is well sung. The chorus is good but the bridge is what really grabs me. It's more than enough to whet the appetite for her EP release later this year, and a full length LP scheduled for 2018.
Ann Taylor is a good vocalist that presents a cool Jewel meets Tricky vibe. Give it a spin or two. I recommend it.
Follow Ann Taylor on Twitter at: @anntaylormusic
Follow Ann Taylor on Facebook at: Ann Taylor Music on Facebook

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