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Now Hear This: Wild Lily (EP) - Surilee

Rating: ****

Arriving on the scene from Fremont, CA by way of Mumbai, Surilee is singer, songwriter, and composer that just released her debut EP entitled "Wild Lily" on a variety of platforms including Spotify (where you can listen to it below).
I knew nothing about her coming in, so I listened to this record with completely fresh ears.
What did I think? Read below to find out.
Listen to "Wild Lily" on Spotify below:
The EP starts with Surilee, a sort of introduction to the artist by way of song. We get a good grasp of what she's all about from it. Traditional Indian music with a modern electronic twist. It sets the stage well for whats to come. Unspoken Entity is next and it's a little darker and more mysterious. It's like Mazzy Star meets Bollywood. It's cool af. From there we get to Never Understood. This one is a ballad of sorts lamenting the loss of love in a very unique way. One of my favorite tracks on the album. The second half of the EP begins with Don't Know. Its hypnotic electro backbeat is tight and it's well-sung. Nothing separating it from the pack so-to-speak, but it's a solid track nonetheless. Track 5 is Stupid Song. Lyrically it's silly and non-sensical but I think that's the point. I dig it. We move to Sometimes and it's a slow jam. Every good record has a slow jam right? This is some lovemaking music here. Very Portishead-ish. The grand finale is a tune called World in Unrest. It strikes a serious tone. Very timely. It has a hip-hop vibe and is a harsh but welcome change-of-pace to close the EP out.
Surilee is a powerhouse. The record isn't perfect but it's still excellent. If you love moody vocals and electronic music with an international flair, grab "Wild Lily." You won't be disappointed.

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