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Now Hear This: Fables - Lochness Monster

Rating: ****

Must Listen: Pixie Cut, 15 Rounds, The Grove
Skip: Lencois, Final Bow
Miami band Lochness Monster has been around since 2014 but just got around to releasing their debut LP "Fables" in January of this year. Since it's release, the record has been burning up the CMJ (College Media Journal) charts with tracks from the album being played on over 120 radio stations across the US.
I might be late to the party on this one, but it's still a party so I'm gonna partake ya know? So let's dig into "Fables" and see what's up.
Watch the video for "Pixie Cut" below:

The album starts with a track called First Flight and it's a dandy. It kind of reminds me of older Nada Surf. The singer has a nasal twang that all your favorite indie rock bands lead singer's have. Solid tune with a really good chorus. We're off to a good start. Track two is Pendulum and this one is a little more methodic in its delivery. It's like a darker Matthew Sweet. We move on to the title track Fables next. It's another power pop ditty that still has a sort of black cloud hanging over it. These guys do subtle depression really well. Masking sadness in melody is always a favorite trick of mine. First single, Pixie Cut is track number 4. Really solid choice for the single. Best chorus so far. I can see why this is getting heavy college radio rotation. Really solid pop song. Lencois is next and it's a slower cut. This isn't my favorite song on the record so far but it's far from bad. I can see this one growing on me with repeated listens. Decent, but basic ballad. Anchors Gone has a more metal feel to it. It's a welcome change of pace and shows the band's sonic diversity. 15 Rounds is next and it's one of my favorites on the whole LP. It's kind of like The Pixies and early Green Day had a kid that listened to hella Jellyfish. Salem and Nocturnes are both fun, with the latter having a cool down-tempo vibe that shows yet another dimension to the band. The penultimate track is a song called Final Bow. It has a Weezer vibe to it. Solid if unspectacular. The final song on the album is The Grove. This one has a dreamy feel that is a perfect ending to a really excellent alt-power-pop LP.

In closing, this is a great first offering by Lochness Monster. If you're into The Pixies and Nada Surf, there is literally no way you won't love "Fables." A strong recommendation from me.

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