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Now Hear This: Don't Let Me Down (single) - A Silver Lining

Rating: ***

I don't know much about the band A Sliver Lining. From what I can read, they're a rock band from Bay City, Michigan that were formed fairly recently.

Like really recently.

This year in fact.

They didn't waste much time as their debut album "Paralyzed" is set to be released on Friday, September 8th.

I got to take a listen and look at their first single off the new record, a track called "Don't Let Me Down."

Will the new kids on the block out of the great lake state have the goods? Let's find out.

Watch the video for "Don't' Let Me Down" below:

The song starts with the basic power chord assault intro of punk-pop's glory days. No judgment. Some of rock's most memorable anthems started in a similar way. Lead vocalist, Lucas has a likable disposition. Maybe not as strong of a singer as Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie, he makes up for it in sheer angsty enthusiasm. The verse is concise and to the point and the chorus is strong. I can imagine the pit singing along to it immediately. Musically the band sounds like they listen to equal parts Avenged Sevenfold and Fall Out Boy for inspiration. The sound is tight, if not revolutionary. Solid tune.

A Silver Lining's debut single is strong and the video is well-made and a good watch. If you're into melodic hard rock with a pop-punk edge, the boys from Bay City will probably cure what ails you. I'm interested in hearing the rest of the album and jotting down my thoughts soon.

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