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Now Hear This: Wonderland (music video) - Jessica Domingo

Rating: ***1/2

Jessica Domingo is young.

Her sultry voice would tell you otherwise though.

She gained a following on YouTube at just 15 by covering such R&B heavy-hitters like Frank Ocean and Drake and quickly moved on to writing and performing her own songs just a short time later.

Does she have the chops? Let's watch her latest music video "Wonderland" from her EP "Moonplay" and find out.

Listen to "Wonderland" below:

The intro starts with a sick hypnotic beat that's reminiscent of some of Jeremy Rose's work on some of the early The Weeknd tracks. Her voice is likable and the melody is well-structured. Lyrically it's basic stuff but it's not bad. Fairly mature actually, considering her age. The chorus is catchy but the bridge is where the song really shines.

The video itself is sleek and straightforward. It's cinematic without a real narrative. However, it fits the song well and looks great.

Overall a very solid track by a YouTube star turned real-life recording artist. It will be interesting to see her evolution in the next 5 years. She's talented and driven and those are two things that go far in this business. Jessica Domingo is one to keep an eye on.

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