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Now Hear This: Fountains of Gold (single) - Kaeyra

Rating: ****

YouTube sensation, Chicago native, and 16-year old kid Kaeyra just released a record called "Fountains of Gold" and I'm super excited to have a listen to her single of the same name.

She explains that the album was written after much heartbreak and frustration which is always exciting because the best records always follow those kind of hardships.

Let's have a listen and see what the verdict is.

Listen to "Fountains of Gold" below:

First things first, she has a beautiful voice. She kinda sounds like Lauryn Hill. That's always a good thing. Musically it's a slow-tempo number that helps showcase the nuance of the vocals. The verse is short and sweet before we launch into a gorgeous chorus that really shows off Kaeyra's range. Lyrically the song is sweet, with depth that goes far beyond her 16 years. Melodically it's fairy average, but her voice carries it to heights many others wouldn't have been able to.

I'm not sure how this one will do commercially, as it doesn't show off her pop-song skills out of the gate, but it's a great first single nonetheless. If it's any indication of how the rest of the album sounds, I'm really stoked to check it out.

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