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Now Hear This: First Day (single) - Anna Ross

Rating: ***1/2

Anna Ross has a pretty bomb resume. She sang backup vocals for Duran Duran for years, even performing at Live Aid and the Olympic games. She has a new single titled, First Day out right now and I got to give it a listen. It was co-written by Duran Duran's Simon LeBon so that's pretty dope. Will she knock it outta the park as a solo artist? I'm about to let you know.

Listen to "First Day" below:

She shows off the power of her pipes right from the start. She's an incredible vocalist. Lyrically it's upbeat and inspiring. The verse is strong and the chorus is catchy. She's an obvious talent, but this tune wouldn't especially stand out in a crowd. It's really solid though. I could see this being a big single in the UK. I'm not certain if it will catch on in the US for no other reason than it just doesn't sound how pop music sounds in this country at the moment. That's in no way a bad thing, but it could limit her mainstream success here. I really liked the song. I'm excited to hear else she has when her full length LP drops.

First Day gets a recommend from me. It's not gonna trancsend the pop music genre, but it's uplifting and fun. Ross can really sing and it comes with a strong melody. I also checked out the remix by John Taylor (no relation to me) and it put a fun twist on it. All-in-all, Anna Ross delivers the goods. Check it out.

Anna Ross is Anna Ross (vocals), Martha Riley (strings), Matt Catlow (programming) Produced by: Matt Catlow

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