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Now Hear This: Bad in Bed - Flaviyake

Rating: ***

Must Listen: Numb, Living Without the Mirror, I'm Not Getting Older (feat. DJ Freddy Muks)

Skip: The World is a Blur, Love as a Masterpiece

Flaviyake sounds like the name of a sushi roll. It actually might be someday. Named after the Los Angeles via Moldova recording artist of the same name. I came into this review knowing absolutely nothing about Flaviyake. Sometimes it’s better that way. This way I get into listening without preconceived notions about the musician. That said, I did a little research. I guess prior to releasing he debut LP “Bad in Bed” on June 8 of this year, she actually had released 10 singles and an EP. So she’s fairly prolific. According to her press release the title track is “Talking about that beast in a man that makes a woman feel submissive.” Well alright then. Let’s check this out.

Check out “Bad in Bed” below:

We start out with So hard to Say. It’s ok. Slow moving and repetitive. It’s like Bjork-lite. Not fully grabbing me. Track 2 is Numb and it’s much better. This one is a little more electronica influenced and has a rapid-fire hypnotic beat on the underlay. Reminds me a bit of Portishead. I dig this one. The title track, Bad in Bed, is next. Catchy chorus. Nothing groundbreaking here, but it’s a decent little tune. Alive is more of a ballad and it showcases Flaviyake’s singing voice well. Multiple layered harmonies on this one is a nice touch. The World is a Blur is the next track and it’s pretty forgettable to be honest. Living Without The Mirror is more poppy and commercial than the rest of the tracks. It’s cute and fun, which is welcome after the snoozer just prior to it. Track 7 is called Love is Blind. It continues the pop feel. It has kind of a Roxette feel to it. That’s not a bad thing. From there we get to Love As A Masterpiece. Not a fan of this one. It’s not particularly awful, it’s just dull. The album closes on I’m Not Getting Older (feat. DJ Fredy Muks). The dope is beat. This will be played in nightclubs for sure. Maybe the most danceable track on the entire album. Good cut to close on. Track 10 is an instrumental track of Bad in Bed if you’re into that sort of thing.

Flaviyake has put together a pretty good record. She can sing and the beats are nice. Lyrically it’s not Bob Dylan but it still paints a picture perfectly well. It’s got some really slow points but for the most part it’s an enjoyable listening experience. If you dig Bjork and Portishead, Flaviyake will probably be right up your alley.

Produced by: Flaviyake, BigBreakMusic, BleedingDenim, DJ Fredy Muks

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