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Now Hear This: Morning Light (EP) - Andrew Goldring

Rating: ****

Must Listen: Cosmic Dance, Let Me Be, Morning Light

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So Andrew Goldring has a new EP called “Morning Light” dropping on July 1 and I get to have a listen to it early. I’m hella lucky like that. From what I understand, Goldring is from Salt Lake City, Utah (that’s a theme here lately), used to front a couple of different bands (Golden Sun and Great Interstate) before venturing out on his own, and he compares musically to Elliott Smith, Sparklehorse, and Beck. I’ve already turned the record on so I should probably stop going on and on and just get to jotting down my thoughts about the EP itself. Sound like a fair deal? I thought so.

Watch the music video for "Cosmic Dance" below:

Cosmic Dance is the first track and I love the vibe. I see the Elliott Smith comparisons, but this one sounds a little more like The Verve or Starsailor to me. Lyrically it’s strong and well-sung. I really like this. We move on to Let Me Be. I love the chorus. This reminds me of “Let Go” era Nada Surf which is a very good thing. College radio is gonna love this. Hell, mainstream radio will love this. Beautiful Lie is next. Nada Surf vibe is strong again. Slower burn to this one, although the first two cuts weren’t exactly uptempo. I like this one also, but it isn’t my favorite. Let’s see what we are closing with. This is the title track, Morning Light. Dreamy. Perfect headphone song for the wee hours of the morning. Excellent ending to a very strong EP. Wish there was more.

If you love dreamy indie pop, you’re gonna love “Morning Light” by Andrew Goldring. Sure, it sounds like things you already love, but whatever. You’re gonna love it again. I just know it. Strong recommend from me.

Andrew Goldring is: Andrew Goldring (Drums, Bass, Keys, Guitar, Vocals), Christian Lucy (Additional Keyboards)

Produced by: Andrew Goldring

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