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Now Hear This: Born For Spaces (EP) - MYFEVER

Rating: ****

Must Listen: Born For Spaces, Golden

Skip: Will You Still Stay

Atlanta’s MYFEVER are an easy sell. Led by brothers, Weston (vocals and guitar) and Garrett Hine (drums), the band is southern rock with a modern edge. Formed after a Kings of Leon concert in 2014 you can definitely hear the influence in MYFEVER’s sonic delivery. After hearing the track, Childhood Keepsake, Circa 1991, a few months back, I was very excited to review the entire “Spaces” EP that dropped in late May of this year. So lets go ahead and do that.

Listen to the single Childhood Keepsake, Circa 1991 below:

The EP starts off with the Modest Mouse-sounding, Will You Still Stay. It’s slow and moody and an interesting choice for the opening track. These guys definitely have chops, with Weston Hines vocals hitting all the right sad-boy notes. Steady if unspectacular start. The second cut is the title track, Born for Spaces. You really hear the Kings of Leon influence on this one. This is the band exploring the melodic modern rock that they seem very well-suited for. Sounds like it could be the first single, but it isn’t. Moving on to track number three, Childhood Keepsake, Circa 1991. It sounds a little like Train, which could be a complete disaster. In this case it’s a lyrically earnest tune about days gone by. It has a dream-like quality that really draws the listener in. Solid song. Hear Me Now returns to the southern-tinged pop rock that is the band’s strength. The song, Golden, is the EP’s first single. It sounds like it could be on the radio right now. They have a real gift for melody. I’m not sure if it’s my favorite song by them (Born for Spaces holds that title) but it’s right there. 100, Fill In The Blank is the albums finale and it’s a slow-tempo number. A dream-like quality to this one as well. This is late night headphone listening at it’s finest. Great end to an EP that leaves the listen wishing there were a few more tracks.

MYFEVER is well on their way. Southern fried indie rock should should always sound like this. I’m excited to see what’s in store for them. This gets a strong thumbs up from me.

MYFEVER is Weston Hine (lead vocals, guitar, keys), Garrett Hine (bgvs, drums, keys), Daniel Ard (bass, keys)

Production: Written by MYFEVER, Produced by MYFEVER and Jeremy SH Griffith, Mixed by Jeremy SH Griffith (Manchester Orchestra, Julien Baker),

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