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Now Hear This: Faces (The Music Videos) - Winter Calling

I’m mixing it up for Now Hear This a little this time. I’m actually going to review a trio of music videos by the band Winter Calling off their last album “Faces.”

I was turned on to this band when I told my friend that I don’t like any recent metal. I’m pretty stuck in the 80’s and 90’s when it comes to the genre. I still listen to Iron Maiden every week at some point and one of my favorite songs of all-time is I am a Viking by Yngwie Malmsteen. My taste in the genre is dated to say the least. But that’s not entirely my fault. Metal used to be cool. It’s just not the same anymore. That’s why I gave Winter Calling a try. But instead of going back and listening to the record, I decided to go to Youtube and check out some of their music videos. Here are the results.

A New Me, a Few Me

Rating: ***

This video is chilling. The song and the subsequent video are about human trafficking and sexual abuse and frankly should come with a trigger warning. It’s heavy stuff. The song is okay enough. It’s well-sung by vocalist, Chris Hodges. Dude has real range. He can sing softly and can also scream. This song has plenty of both. This song actually has kind of a My Chemical Romance vibe. The video is well-made and the song is decent. Let’s see what else we got.

Follow Me Down

Rating: **1/2

Another professionally done video. It’s good that these dudes are musicians and not actors though. There’s a dramatic theme of a funeral mixed with live performance. It’s visually stimulating if slightly confusing conceptually. The song doesn’t do much for me. It’s a modern power ballad with a cool hook and chorus but it’s lacking something. It’s well played and well sung but it’s just a little dull. On to the next one.

Not Like You

Rating: ****

Now this is more like it. A good song and a video that is just a straightforward live performance. Lyrically the song is pretty heavy. It creates a banter between a person with split personalities. I really like the song and the band gets to do what they do best in the video which is rock. Guitarist, Ian Medhurst really shreds on this one. Best guitar solo of the lot. I think this is a really good starting place for the band and I really wish I would have watched this one first. Winter Calling gives me hope. It’s still a mixed bag, but at least it isn’t dumb. It’s a mature band dealing with mature subject matter and doing it pretty will without sacrificing their edge. I’m gonna go listen to “Faces” in it’s entirety now.

Winter Calling is Chris Hodges (vocals), Ian Medhurst (guitar), Tim Gilbreath (bass), and Wayne Hoefle (drums, piano, and keyboards)

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