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Now Hear This: The Mirror (Music Video) - Vajra

Rating: ***

Now Hear This is back with a special music video review. When this one came by my inbox I was immediately intrigued. I had heard a lot about Vajra and I knew the song, The Mirror and the subsequent video were making waves in metal circles. Vajra’s lead vocalist is Annamarria Pinna and she is a force to be reckoned with. She’s the child of a former monk and a school teacher so it’s no surprise her presence is quite mystical in nature. Meaning both diamond and thunderbolt in Sanskrit, Vajra seems to offer plenty of both. So let’s stop jibber-jabbering and get to the video.

Watch the video for “The Mirror” below:

The track itself is a pretty straght-forward rock song. It sounds a bit like Tool with Ann Wilson from Heart singing. The opening guitar riff is strong and while the rhythm section is simple it’s contextually effective. Annamarie Pinna has a strong singing voice and delivers the heartfelt lyrical content well. As for the video, it’s live performance mixed in with metaphysical imagery. There’s a lot of head-banging mixed in with incense burning. It’s kind of a wild ride. Although it’s well made, it does come off kinda corny at times. The song is strong enough to carry through some of the cheesier parts and is sure to make metalheads stoked.

Vajra is Annamarie Pinna (vocals, keyboards), Dave Sussman (guitar), Shusuke Inaba (drums)

Produced by: OH NO! ØKTAPUS

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